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Aipecito is an asociation that has gone through many obstacles related to the influence of armed groups in Colombia and financial debts. These facts have diminished their growth and commercialization since 2014. In spite of all this events, they continue improving and want a fair price to sell their coffee and build drying tools in order to improve coffee preservation.  Farms members are in Huila, small areas of Aipecito,  Esmeralda y Chapinero mountainous areas, rich in water and native trees.

General Information

Name: Fundación de Cafeteros del Corregimiento de Aipecito del Municipio de Neiva
Location: Neiva – Huila
Type of Producer: Producer Association
Certifications: Organic (ORG)
Beginning of Commercial Relationship: 2016


Crop: April – August
Annual Production: 180.000 Kg parchment
Varieties: Caturra, Tipica, Colombia
Altitude: 1.550 -2.100 m.a.s.l.
Temperature: 20-28ªC
Process: Washed
Drying Process: Naturally Sun Dried and Mechanical method

Cup Profile

Fragrance/Aroma: Fruit Bearing, Citrus, Roses
Aftertaste: Chocolate, Citrus
Sweetness: Caramel. Honey
Acidity: Citrus, bright, lemon
Body: Medium, Fruity
Balance: Balanced
Notes: Lemon, Flowers, Chocolate. Butter
SCAA Score: 84.00