An important international coffee market segment serves customers who enjoy drinking coffee, but want or need to limit their caffeine intake.

However, Decaf Coffee tends not to be the most popular choice as the taste and smell is milder and the color of the bean changes.

lohas beans in collaboration with Descafecol, has developed a decaf portfolio with SCAA cupping scores ranging from 84 – 87 pts.  Using an FDA approved naturally obtained methyl acetate solvent from sugar cane, our process is completely free of any chemicals, while preserving organoleptic properties as well as color.  Our process removes 97% of the caffeine, the coffee bean silver skin and waxes, making our coffee easy to digest.  Descafecol is strategically located on the outskirts of Manizales at the foothills of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, where the spring water used for the process is sourced from.

We are confident that through our Partner importers around the world, roasters will delight in serving Lohas Beans decaf coffee to their consumers.



  • Box x 24 Kg
  • Bag x 70 Kg