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Fudam is an association of producers conformed with the aim of working for the development of quality products friendly with the environment.

Formed in 1999, initially by 7 coffee growers, initially working on small projects to improve their conditions. Part of Fudam’s philosophy is of the association as a same family that shares its affection and that follows the values with which the organization was founded. To be part of this organization, producers must only commit to continuously improvement processes and practices toward high quality coffee, environment preservation and better conditions of their families.

Founders of Fudam look forward for international organizations relations to find support and develop the great quality potential of many Nariño origin products included blackberries and coffee.

They mainly work with producers in La Union town, San Pedro de Cartago, San Lorenzo, Arboleda, Genova and Belén.

Throughout Fudam experience path has developed projects on topics related to:


Food safety

Clean production

Dairy cow: Improvement of feeding and fraternity in the communities.

General Information

Name: Fundación agraria y ambiental para el desarrollo sostenible
Location: Nariño
Type of Producer: Producer Association

Members: 300
Certifications: Organic (ORG)
Beginning of Commercial Relationship: 2017


Crop: May – August
Annual Production: 400.000 Kg parchment
Varieties: Caturra, Colombia
Altitude: 1.5600 -2.200 m.a.s.l.
Temperature: 15- 20 °C
Process: Washed
Drying Process: Naturally Sun Dried and Mechanical method

Cup Profile

Fragrance/Aroma: Cacao, nueces, citricos
Aftertaste: Enhancing aftertaste
Acidity: high
Body: Dense
Notes: sweet, chocolate
SCAA Score: 85- 87

Commercial business units: Commercialization of cabbage, carrots, horseradish and home garden products.

Drying and de pulping machines: Equipment and kit accompanied by a training process for 60 members.

Fudam seeks to build stories in a pleasant way with joy, pride and decision. The investment of the premiums must be decision making of the producers themselves, based on knowledge. For that reason, Fudam try to persuade coffee growers to value money based on quantity but on utility to improve their conditions.

Within the activities for the future, the founders and coffee growers of Fudam would like to preserve and strengthen the traditional products of Nariño origin such as hats (“sombreros”) in the town of La Unión.