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Finca Monte Verde was acquired originally by Mr. Alejandrino Gutierrez, passed on to his son Oscar Gutierrez Ramirez and in turn to grandson Gildardo Gutierrez Tejada. Gildardo decided to plant varieties with excellent cup potential.  Gildardo raised his children on the farm and have lived there for 50 years, always cultivating coffee.  His three sons are graded cuppers, and have encouraged his father to engage in a direct relationship trade with customers in the US.

General information

Location: Rioblanco – Tolima
Coordinates: 3°17’41.2″N 75°50’45.4″W
Type of Producer: Particular
Certifications: None
Date of Incorporation: 1970
Beginning of Commercial Relationship: 2016


Main Crop: April – June
Mid Crop: October – December
Annual Production: 8.000 Kg parchment
Varieties: Caturra, Colombia F6, Gesha, Moka, Wush Wush, Maragogipe
Altitude: 1850 m.a.s.l.
Temperature: 18ºC
Process: Prolonged dry fermentations
Drying Process: Cold-drying

Cup Profile

Fragrance/Aroma: Sweet, fruity
Flavor: Spicy, floral
Aftertaste: Distinguished, prolonged
Sweetness: Molasses
Acidity: Bright
Body: Creamy
Balance: Rounded
Notes: Lemon, honey, floral, mint, coriander seeds
SCAA Score: 87+