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Finca Monteblanco is part of a group of farms, led by Rodrigo Sanchez. Rodrigo since young has been working directly with the family business, and today he represents the 4th generation of the Sanchez coffee business.

Together with his wife Claudia Milena in 2002 they were selected for developing and training the newer generations of coffee producers and coffee lovers in the region of Palestina in Huila.

Finca Monteblanco has been carefully kept for the past four generations always with quality and continuous improvement as their main goal. They are blessed by the quality of their soils but also by the quality of the fresh and pure water coming from the National Park “Cueva de los Guacharos”.

Monteblanco is located in the Vereda La Tocoa, municipality of Palestina-Huila. It has an extension of 18 hectares and 1730 M.A.S.L

General Information

Name: Monteblanco
Location:  Palestina – Huila
Type of Producer: Estate Farm

Certifications:  NA


Main Crop: May -August
Annual Production: 3 .960 Bags
Varieties:  Caturra, Colombia, Red Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, Bourbon Tekisic, Geisha, Purpule Caturra, Pacamaras
Altitude: 1.730  m.a.s.l.
Temperature: 17-22ªC
Process: Washed, Natural
Drying Process: Naturally Sun Dried

Cup Profile

Diversity in varieties and controlled fermentations offer a great number of cup profiles. In general the cup profiles are fruity, floral, with good complexity.