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We have selected the best coffee beans from our green coffee supply chain, partnered with a boutique roaster in Bogotá and carefully designed a package depicting our lohas beans sustainability commitment to offer a roasted coffee product line to customers in Colombia and around the world.


Original:  We source this coffee in the high lands of Gaitania, Southern Tolima, produced by the Nasa We’x indigenous communities.  It is a balanced cup, with intense aroma, sweet notes, medium to high body and acidity.

Organic: Produced by organic certified communities in Planadas, Southern Tolima. It has a creamy body with floral notes, medium acidity and a prolonged enjoyable aftertaste with caramel and sugar cane notes.

Decaf: We succeeded in preserving the profile of our Original coffee while removing the caffein, wax and silver skin of the coffee bean. Our Decaf has a balanced cup, with intense aroma, sweet notes, medium to high body and acidity.

Varietal: You choose the varietal you dream of and we deliver!  Each one with a unique cup profile, a story behind the farm and the ideal roasting profile to enhance its properties.

Microlots: Mainly selected from producers in South Tolima, Northern Huila, Nariño, Cauca and Valle del Cauca, all of our microlots range between 86 and 90 points on the SCAA scoring chart.



  • Medium Roast
  • French Roast


Flow pack for 250/340 Grams: Our packing is made out of sugar cane fiber and printed using eco friendly vegetable-based links.

Flow pack 2,5 Kg

Whole Beans or Ground Coffee

* Individual Carton Box is optional