UNICHAPARRAL is a second level association created within the framework of the Impact project (ACC of Canada and Gestando). Said project has been in execution since 2015 and will go on until 2019. The association is comprised by four first-level founding associations whose purpose is to attract more associations to the process so as to implement and improve commercialization channels and organizational, financial and agricultural strengthening processes with environmental development and conservation policies, as well as gender equity policies.

General Information

Location: Corregimiento El Limón
Type of Producer: Producer Association
Certifications: N/A
Date of Incorporation: 2015
Beginning of Commercial Relationship: 2016


Main Crop: March – August
Mid Crop: October – January
Annual Production: 300.000 Kg parchment
Varieties: Caturra , Supremo, Colombia Tabi
Altitude: 1400 – 2075 m.a.s.l.
Temperature: 16- 25ºC
Process: Traditional small producer
Drying Process: Marquee

Cup Profile

Fragrance/Aroma: Blackberries, dried fruits, jasmine, caramel
Aftertaste: Bright
Sweetness: Medium
Acidity: Medium
Body: Creamy – Rounded
Balance: Balanced, estructured
Notes: Complex, fruity
SCAA Score: 84+